1. If anyone looked at me with this much scorn, I’d feel sick to my stomach and then I’d puke and then I’d spend the next 6 months staying up at night rethinking my life values.


  2. As an appendage to my last post, I just remembered there was a designated “fluffer” woman on set who was behind the camera shouting things like “You’re so beautiful!” “You’re gorgeous, darling.” “You have such a unique look!” at me which really only added to my discomfort.


  3. This reminds me of the time in Paris when I was approached by a designer in coke bottle glasses and he asked me to model his new line of clothes. In true Jane fashion, I went ahead and ruined this god given opportunity by forgetting how to be natural and keeping my hands on my hips all the way through to the end of the photoshoot. Not once did my hands leave my hips. Not fucking once.

  4. I’d very much like to marry a man like Michael Palin. Just listen to this man breakout in genuine laughter at 2:00. It’s contagious. We could probably have Christmas 365 days a year if we figured out a way to preserve and reproduce it. C’est formidable, n’est-ce pas et beau?


  5. "because talking with those Indians of the coast, whatever the Spanish asked the Indians responded: «Tectetán, Tectetán», which means: «I don’t understand you, I don’t understand you»: …they corrupted the word, and not understanding what the Indians said, they said: «Yucatán is the name of this land»"
  6. I shot a high tea scene with a french bulldog today.

  7. My favorite actor.

  8. If you squint, you’ll see a sexy looking shoulder on the left side of the screen and that sexy shoulder is me.

  11. Never meet your heroes.


  12. Having a great Friday night in.


  13. Just woke up from a dream where I was at a Psy concert and we were all trying to break records with him for ‘Longest running concert ever.’ At one point he asked if we were hungry then we excitedly watched him order pizzas for everyone from the Dominos website. He also asked us to raise our hands and sway them a little so the whole stadium could look like “amber waves of arms”. Very interactive experience.

  15. Men without Jen